About us

MotoAutostrada is Polish Motorcycle Association

Our main aim is to fight for motorcyclists rights in Poland. From 2010 MotoAutostrada is 100% non profit organisation and none of the members gets any kind of money for prodiveded services.

Although we reaslize that more can be done if few members are emplyed full time.

To donate to MA you can send money by PayPal to paypal(at)motoautostrada.pl
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Below you can find our history in milestones:

History of MotoAutostrada Polish Motorcycle Association (milestones):

  • 2009 - Group of motorcyclists gathered to reduce fee for traveling through A4 motorway (polish name = autostrada) on motorcycle. A4 is motorway connecting Kraków and Katowice. At that time motorcyclists paid the same price as car drivers.
  • 2010 – Motorcyclists involved in A4 case has registered as MotoAutostrada Polish Motorcycle Association gathering motorcyclists who wanted to reduce fee for motorcyclist on motorway.
  • 2010 - MotoAutostrada have published article “Who kills motorcyclists” that had positive influence on image of motorcyclists in Poland. Article got approbation of Blue Knights (Police Motorcycle Association). Article has been published as scientific proof that motorcycling is not risky as many people considered it to be.
  • 2011 – MotoAutostrada organized first event promoting safe filtering under name “Safer motorcycles between cars”. Kraków was the first city in Poland to place MotoAutostradas signs informing drivers of filtering motorcyclist. In 2012 we have received Polish award “Social Campaign of the year 2011”.
  • 2012 April 1-st. MotoAutostrada succeeded – 50% price for motorcyclist on A4 motorway went in to action!
  • 2012 – First motorcycles trainings “Safety and competition” by some called races has been organized by MotoAutostrada. With them we have decided to start first MotoCup in Poland!
  • 2013 – MotoAutostrada provided President of Kraków with scientific data about “motorcycles on Bus Lanes”.
  • 2014 January 1-st – Kraków is first Polish city that allowed motorcycles on Bus Lanes.
  • 2015 July 6-th  – In Citizen Budget MotoAutostrada have submitted race track project and we won first place. It means that Kraków will give 3 mln PLN (790 000 USD) to build race track for cars and motorcycles.
  • 2016 July 4-th. - 1-st edition of “Safety and competition in Warszaw under title "We train tight corners in Warsaw".
  • 2017 focusing on personal and carrier stuff. Well we finished book "Understanding motorcyclists" and worked on some secret project but that's it.
  • 2018.03.02 - 2018.03.04 - International Motorcycle Show in Warsaw - stand-up show lectures "How to filter in taffic on motorcycle" by Emil Samson


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